We Manage Your Technology so You Can Manage Your Patients –

By outsourcing your IT services to Ssoft Group's Managed Services, you free up your IT staff to focus on patient and client needs and not on the day-to-day management of infrastructure-based IT services.

Ssoft Group's Managed IT Services for the Healthcare industry has a credited history of providing a full-range of IT services to clients in the healthcare industry. Clients range from large hospitals, rural medical centers, to tissue and blood processing organizations, from individual doctor’s offices to multi-location clinics and full-service hospitals.

  • Improving performance and security of endpoints.
  • Delivering performance increases through an efficient well managed IT architecture
  • Getting rapid scalability for backups and data storage
  • Providing support to address issues whenever needed
  • Accessing skilled IT staff when needed
  • Reducing capital expenditures and moving to a fixed IT services budget

Ssoft Group helping organizations to streamline their IT operational costs and gain access to the latest technology.  Ssoft Group provides security, disaster recovery, and unlimited functional and technical support that include technology upgrades, allowing you to focus on enhancing your healthcare services rather than running IT applications and infrastructure.