Managed services allows hotel executives on both the business and information technology (IT) sides of the house to re-evaluate their approach to IT capital expenditure and ongoing operating costs.

In response to rapid growth, the client need to streamline information flow and business processes as well as get IT operations.  Like many growing businesses, the client faced numerous challenges in maintaining an internal IT staff, including turnover and constrained IT budgets.

Managed services is not a one-size-fits-all solution or the simple outsourcing of an information technology group. Our Managed services is an option that allows an organization to leverage its strengths and to choose the services that are provided. If you already have a world-class help desk, you may only need the break/fix component. If you already have a world-class data center, you may not need the managed services provider’s infrastructure component.

The daily IT needs overwhelmed the IT staff to the point that even necessary everyday maintenance was not occurring.  This led to a series of critical challenges that were presented to Ssoft Group,INDIA.  In order to allow the client to be more proactive, We manage the IT department and ensure everyday maintenance to continue supporting your growth.

Business Challenges:

-Reliable WAN connectivity between Headquarters and restaurants
-Email solution
-Reliable and affordable Backup Solutions
-Disaster Recovery
-Lower IT Operational Costs
-Secure access for remote users
-Lack of standardization